Chai Rum

Web Development, SEO, Responsive, ExpressionEngine, Analytics


AboutThe Client

Kiran Shiva Akal is a tea maker and the creator of the worldʼs first Chai Rum.

The second son within the family, he read medicine at university, is a composer and artist signed to a major music publisher and has been a creative director and artist for events that include The Worldʼs fair in Seville Spain, Bastille Day in Paris France and Art Basel Miami.

He has been voted one of the hundred most influential creative thinkers in the State of Florida (Florida International Design Magazine) and was The Design Center of the Americaʼs Star of Design awardee in 2012.

He is currently Artist in residence for the Miami Symphony Orchestra.


About this project

Agency: Work Done at IOM Caribbean/Abovegroup

Content Management Platform: ExpressionEngine

Responsive Technology: Startup Design Framework


  • Complete WYSIWYG Editor
  • User Control and Access
  • Search Engine Optimised (SEO)
  • Google Analytics

Project Involvement:

  • Web Development
  • Analytics and Reports

With the launch of his Chai Rum, Kiran needed a digital presence to educate the world about the unique product as well as supplement his distribution process

Built on the ExpressionEngine platform with the Startup Design Framework layered in between, Kiran well definitely wow the world