Bar Wars

Web Development, Web Application, Adobe Flash, ActionScript 3.0

AboutThe Client

TV, trivia, karaoke and gorgeous models into a game show that made waves at bars nationwide

Bar Wars was created as a 2012 TV series which aired on CNMG and Synergy TV.

Twenty four bars over a six-month duration were visited with a Q&A game show format that included vibrant karaoke, pass the can and push-up pies




About this project

Agency:  Work Done at IOM Caribbean/Abovegroup

Web Application Technology: HTML5/CSS3 with Adobe Flash and ActionScript 3.0


  • Browser-based Control Panel for Game Show Program
  • Browser-based Control Panel for Scoring
  • Start-Stop generation of Sequences using ActionScript 3.0

Project Involvement:

  • Web Application Development

This game show’s backbone was built using Adobe Flash’s Action Script.

The questions and round introductions were controlled by a panel of buttons embedded into an HTML page.

These were used to start and stop each scene using the ActionScript 3.0 language with the output shown on the Television Screens on the Bar Wars set

The scoring application used the same ActionScript 3.0 features with calculations added; +x and -x (if mistakes were made)